LSCF School no1

High school for Boys, Zahedan- Iran


LSCF commenced the construction of this high school in 2009 two years after Laila's death. It was completed in Feb 2015. It has 6 classrooms, some of whcich are equiped with smart bords, a library, a labortory and a workshop. 400 boys attend this school.

LSCF members inspect the school several times a year and will continue funding maintainance, Repairs, and purchase of new equipement on an ongoing basis.

     LSCF School no 2
Primary school, The village of Sengon, Sistan va Baluchistan, Iran

      Sengon is a village of around 300 inhabitants. It is located in province of Sistan va Bauchistan. The nearest cities ae khash 40 Kilometer and Mirjaveh 55 Kilometer.

The previous school was very old and made from mud. It was not made according to national standards. And did not have toilets and sink for student uses.


LSCF helped build a brand new school. This is a one classroom mixed school.

The school completed in November 2013. The launch ceremony took place on 17th November 2013.  

     School no 3,
Primary school, The village of Johloo, Hormozgan, Iran

     LSCF's third school is in the village of Johloo. It is in the vicinity of Jask (170km distance) in south east Iran. It It is a deprived area with 350 inhabitants. The inuguration took placed on 13th Feb 2016.  

School no 4,

Primary School, The village of Nikrooz, Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi, Iran


Work is in progress to build a three classroom school in this deprived village. Currently little girls and boys travel quite a long way to attend a school.