We have distributed £ 93,904 across a variety of causes since 2008. Our mandate has been to provide a ray of light for those who may otherwise be living under the shadow of hopelessness, regardless of who or where they are.

We have learnt that desperate children and helpless communities are not only the aftermaths of wars or natural disasters in the developing world, they are equally present in the very communities in which funds are raised.

Consequently, each year we donate to a host of local groups or projects in addition to the causes in distant places — the common denominator between all beneficiaries is their need for financial assistance and the difference that the donation is able to make in helping them to attain their goal.

We never lose sight of the fact that LSCF is ultimately only the caretaker and the messenger of a collective goodwill. As such, every penny with which we are entrusted is spent with integrity and compassion as the guiding principles.