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ره نیک مردان آزاده گیر چو استاده ای دست افتاده گیر

(Registered Charity No. 1125457)


The Laila Salehzehi Charitable Foundation (LSCF) was set up in 2008 by the family and friends of the late Laila Salehzehi. Laila was sadly the victim of a car accident in April 2007, losing her precious life at the tender age of 23. In honour of her memory, the LSCF vowed to do the following:


  • Support charitable purposes worldwide, working particularly for the advancement of education; 
  • Provide relief to those in need, especially young people, those suffering from ill-health, disabilities, financial hardship, unemployment and any other social or economical disadvantages; 
  • Undertake such other exclusively charitable purposes as the charity shall from time to time determine.


LSCF was founded in 2008 and has an international focus, specifically supporting and investing in the education and walfare of children around the world.
The charity aims to asist orphanages, schools, hospitals, and those unable to meet their medical needs; therefore bringing hope and opportunity to the underprivileged around the globe.

Since the birth of LSCF 8 years ago, we have successfully met our objectives by creating and administering our own projects as well as supporting charites near and far.

LSCF would not have been able to undertake such ventures and achievements without the generous financial support of countless individuals and corporations. This site outlines the evidence of how their contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of so many people.  



Laila Salehzehi Charitable Foundation (LSCF) is a registered charity with the Charity Commission. It is administered and managed by a board of trustees who provide their services on a voluntary basis. We also confirm that, LSCF has no links whatsoever to any political organisation. 



The LSCF was launched in 2008, and is the humble attempt of the late Laila Salehzehi’s parents, family and friends to keep her loving memory alive.



Through continuing fundraising and donations, we hope to honour her life, and fulfil the passions and dreams she left incomplete due to her untimely death.  


We hope the LSCF is a source of inspiration to all those who, like us, miss her so very much, as well as those who with their generosity and encouragement would like to help others like Laila did.



Here's what the Edgware and Mill Hill Press has to say about us on 19 Feb 2009 when we first started:



Relatives of a woman from Burnt Oak who was killed by a drink-driver two years ago have established a charity in her memory. 


Iranian-born Laila Salehzehi was just 23 when she was killed yards away from her parents’ home at the junction of Blundell Road and Watling Avenue on April 27, 2007. Her killer, Lee Barkworth, was jailed for 16 months. Laila, of Deansbrook Road, was on her way to her brother’s 21st birthday celebrations with husband Afshin, 26, whom she married the previous year, when she died. She worked as an assistant teacher at Northway School, in The Fairway, Mill Hill, helping children who had learning difficulties, and often talked of her dream of setting up a children’s charity. 

Her family has now founded the Laila Salehzehi Charitable Foundation to help children in need around the world. Her sister Asieh, 24, said: “What happened was devastating but this is a way of making something positive out of something terrible. This is something Laila wanted to do – she absolutely loved children.” Afshin added: “Setting up the charity has been a focus for us all and very fulfilling. Helping people was so close to Laila’s heart and I think she would have been very proud.” 

Laila’s family, who come from the Iranian province of Baluchistan, moved to London in 1995. Their first project will be to establish a primary school in their native city of Zahedan, a deprived area of the country, at an estimated cost of about £50,000. 



Since its inception, we have worked hard to provide support where it's most needed.


Our team relies exclusively on volunteer help. And remember, a little often goes a long way. 


We're always happy to welcome new volunteers who would like to dedicate some of their time to charity. If you'd like to lend a hand, please don't hesitate to contact us.